360° Virtual Tour

Enjoy a fully immersive 360-degree experience of our modern facility, cutting edge technology and equipment at Aviva Dental Care - Cedar Park, Texas office.

Aviva Dental Care team welcomes you to take a virtual tour of our Cedar Park, Texas office. Now, you can have a fully immersive 360-degree experience of our modern facility, cutting edge technology and equipment even before your visit from the comfort of wherever you are — using your mobile device, tablet, laptop or computer.

Give us a call to schedule a free in-person tour of our Cedar Park Office. Let us know how we could help make your experience even better. We look forward to seeing you in person.

Reception area

Our friendly receptionists await to greet you with a warm welcome. Enjoy your favorite drink of your choice while you relax in the lobby.

As you enter our facility, our friendly receptionists await to greet you with a warm welcome. They will help with paperwork and answer any questions you may have. There's nothing more satisfying than a thirst-quenching drink after a short drive. That's why we have a wide variety of soft drinks, water bottles in our refrigerators. If you are a coffee lover who enjoys a fresh brew, then our Keurig coffee can help brew your favorite beverages in under a minute. Just pop in a K-pod of your choice and select your brew size to enjoy a perfect brew every time.

If you have any little ones with you during the visit, then don't you worry we got you covered. You could find your kid's playing in the play area while you make yourself comfortable sipping your drink, reading the magazine or watching the TV. If you are already excited then wait until you visit our operatory room.

Operatory room

The state-of-the-art cutting edge dental technologies, ergonomically designed dental chairs, soothing music, and TV on the ceiling are just a few things we use to make you feel comfortable and stay calm.

Our office is fully equipped with state-of-the-art cutting edge dental technologies to ensure the procedures are pain-free, comfortable and long-lasting. The ergonomic design of our dental chairs provides ultimate comfort and support across your entire body. If you are feeling nervousness or uneasiness, then let us help you offer technology to alleviate your stress.

If listening to music keeps you calm then ask our "Alexa" to play your favorite artist songs or music station. You will also have an option to choose a movie of your interest to watch while you are getting treated. You might wonder, "How would I watch the TV while I am on the dental chair?" We are excited to say that the TV is fixed on the ceiling so that you could enjoy the movie while you are relaxing.

What our patients say about our office

Aviva Dental Care team will go above and beyond to make you comfortable. Read our patients reviews on how we use technologies to help them relax.
Aviva Dental Care staff is aware of my nervousness during dental treatment and are super accommodative. They have TV screens on the ceiling and offer music to help you ease through the appointment.
Stephanie R.
Cedar Park, TX
I am one of those patient who is super nervous during dental work. Dr. Apurva is gentle and understanding. Her staff is informative, honest and friendly. They also called the next day to make sure I am doing well.
Robyn P.
Austin, TX
My daughter needed to have a filling and was very nervous about the procedure. The friendly staff at Aviva Dental were so kind and patient with her throughout the procedure. It went very smoothly.
Devin G.
Cedar Park, TX
The moment I walked in I was greeted nicely by front desk, offered a drink and movie selection upon signing in. Once I met Dr. Apurva, she made my long dreaded dental visit an excellent one.
Princz B.
Austin, TX
Dr. A is without a doubt the most knowledgeable, patient, kind dentist I have been to in the last 20 years. They even remembered the conversation we had 6 months ago. Office is brand new and very comfortable.
Alice O.
Cedar Park, TX
Amazing service. Dr. Apurva is really awesome, attentive, friendly and genuinely cares. The staff is very accommodating and helpful. I totally recommend Aviva Dental Care.
Sami A.
Cedar Park, TX